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Talents4You is an
executive search agency

specialized in bringing sales professionals
in contact with ICT and technology companies.
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What does that mean?

For candidates

We help sales-, presales-, IT technical professionals, executives, ... to find the best career path available for them at this moment, and in line with their expectations.
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For employers

We assist ICT & technology companies in finding the right person through a thorough analysis of the company’s culture & history, the delivery capacity and needs in growth.
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What can T4YOU do for you?

Based on your experience and most importantly, your expectations, we will find you a suitable position and employer.

After having an in depth conversation with you – over a warm cup of coffee or tea – we will personally contact ICT companies. During our discussions with them, we’ll analyze if their expectations in an employee match with what you’re looking for in an employer. During the recruitment process, we will assist you in every way to make sure that you’re ready to tackle any obstacle that may get thrown at you.

You can count on us for a personal step-by-step guidance. Talents4You will save you time on searching for a position, and our guarantee is that you’ll get feedback after applying for a job through us.

How does it work?

We help companies of various sizes and cultures. From the local SMB and global multinationals up to the young emerging start-up, our collaborations are adaptive.
All of our current partners are active in the ICT & new technologies sectors such as Hardware & Software Vendors, IT-distributors, Network & Telecom integrators and even IT-Services.



What can T4YOU do for your company?

War for talent With the “war for talent” raging, timing and speed are crucial factors these days. Regrettably, most employers have neither time nor the necessary market knowledge to invest in the search for their future colleague. The most common problems are too little knowledge of the network in their sector or gaps in skills to estimate if the candidate sitting in front of them is right for their needs. That’s what we’re here for.

Timing Where you can invest 2 to 4 hours per week on talent acquisition and interviews, we do it day in day out. That’s why we’re not just there to provide you with a CV. Instead, we give you comprehensive feedback on the candidate and suitability for your needs.

Market Knowledge & Network Our headhunters have an expert knowledge of your market. Either actively or passively, they’re likely to know the candidate you need and / or know where to find him or her.

Collaboration We work closely with our clients and help them define their recruitment needs and relevant information, based on their overall strategy. Nothing is more valuable to us than transparency.

How does it work?

Feel free to book a meeting with us, we’ve always got a warm cup of coffee or tea waiting for you.